2020 Virtual ORPS Conference


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2020 Virtual Sessions by Time:

NOV 2nd 11:00AM

OPENING Session Title: Creating Organizational Innovation

Presenter: Barbara Heller (NRPA Directors School Instructor)

INFO:  Organizational life naturally gravitates toward the status quo.  It is easy to remain complacent.  Yet, a common ingredient of great organizations is their ability to foster creative thinking and risk taking, which requires effort to ensure the organizational culture will support innovation.  Explore how to motivate employees to change. 0.1 CEU

NOV 2nd 1:00PM

Title: Seize the Day Over Seizing Your Phone

Presenter: Jeff Wozer

INFO: My presentation pulls back the curtain on how our electronic devices, especially smart phones, are dominating our lives, making us viewers rather than doers, often at the expense of recreational outdoor experiences. 0.1 CEU

NOV 3rd 11:00AM

KEYNOTE Title: Reshaping our Profession, because we have no other choice

Sponsored by Landscape Structures

Presenter: Tom O’Rourke (Clemson University)

INFO: Many do not think this, but 2020 will prove to be the best year for the Park and Recreation profession in quite a long time.  It may not seem like it now, but my talk will explain in detail, why right now, is the best time to be a part of the best profession of all, Parks and Recreation. 0.1 CEU

NOV 3rd 1:00PM

Title: A Higher level of Inclusive Play

Presenter: Jill Moore (Landscape Structures) & John McConkey (Landscape Structures)

INFO: The playground should be a place for everyone to experience laughter, friends, and fun for all. Traditional compliant design focuses on minimum access and with best intentional practices in inclusive design, we can support a much wider range of disabilities. 0.1 CEU

NOV 3rd 3:00PM

Title: Tips on promoting active aging in the outdoors

Presenter: Suzanne Quinn (Kompan Playgrounds and Fitness)

INFO: In this session, we will discuss recent research on healthy aging, why seniors need to be taken into consideration when planning a public fitness site, and what needs to be considered when planning a fitness site for seniors. 0.1 CEU

NOV 4th 11:00AM

Title: Water sources, uses, repurposing, and water quality in splash pads

Presenter: Bill Hachmeister (Aquatix by Landscape Structures)

INFO: The session will discuss various options for water supply for splash pad use. It will cover pass through water using sanitary, creek, lakes, ponds, underground storage tanks or above grade cisterns to utilize the water for irrigation and recirculation systems. 0.1 CEU

NOV 4th 1:00PM

Title: Education on Sports Lighting and Musco Solutions

Presenters: Rico Velazquez & Mike Cook (Musco Sports Lighting)

INFO: Go over the basics, what is important and Musco's approach/ solutions to sports lighting. 0.1 CEU

NOV 5th 11:00AM

Title: Leading a Parks Organization Using Positive Psychology

Presenters: Annie Thompson (Santa Clara County Parks)

INFO: Facing negativity and pessimism in your organization? People look to leaders to guide and inspire them, but not everyone is a valuable contributor themselves. This crash course in Positive Psychology offers practical tools to overcome challenges and thrive. 0.1 CEU

NOV 5th 1:00PM

Title: Shake Your Snow Globe

Presenter: Eric Newell (City of Ponca City)

INFO: May of us have heard many times and possibly even said many times we have always done it that way. What if we shook the snow globe and did something different. We can either keep doing what we have been or grow into something new. 0.1 CEU

NOV 5th 3:00PM

Title: Going Beyond Diversity

Presenter: Stephanie Williams (Norman Public Schools)

INFO: Diversity is understanding the difference that differences make. It is recognizing that we each bring aspects of our identities into all we do. This session will give you ideas on how to create that self awareness and work through some initial action steps you can take on the road to creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment. 0.1 CEU

NOV 6th 11:00AM

Title: Understanding Economic Impact for Events and Programs in Your Community

Presenter: Michael Bradley (Red Dirt Consulting) & Jody Baker (Sapulpa Parks)

INFO: It is important to understand how a program, event, or activity has an affect on the local economy. Our sessions will introduce economic impact and discuss various examples to enhance understanding of the concept. 0.1 CEU

NOV 6th 1:00PM

Title: The past, present & future for active play and community health

Presenter: Suzanne Quinn (Kompan Playgrounds and Fitness)

INFO: We will learn about the history of playgrounds, discuss current trends, and imagine future possibilities to support active play and community health. 0.1 CEU

NOV 6th 3:00PM

Title: Ruby Grant Park Case Study

Presenter: Nick Whisenhunt (Cunningham Recreation)

INFO: The session will focus on how to engage stake holders and community member early on in the process of play space design, ensuring their input is valued and implemented into the final design to the greatest extent possible. We will discuss how designing an inclusive space presents challenges and through the shared commitment of the design partners and citizen groups we were able to discuss those challenges up front and find solutions. No CEU’s




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